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Hello! We are Mr. Food Maker. Go back, stay for a while, right? When you visit our online corner, we want you to feel comfortable. Have we recently become great friends ?! kind of luxury. We did not help to embarrass you in making the beef bourguignon when you really want Fireball meatballs. And if you try that shmancy meal and fail miserably, it won’t tsk-tsk — because we’ve had a lot of OH, S #! T, moments too.
That is not to say that we are not serious about our diet. If you are here to finally prepare a recipe for sour cream, we can help explain the process, step by step. We cater to anyone who likes to eat as much as those who go into the kitchen to cook. So wherever you fall into that category, you will find your people here.
That’s why we want you to know too — the team that supports Mr. Food Maker. Scroll to meet people who work hard to bring you the news and videos you see every month. We want you to enjoy reading and cooking from Mr. Food Maker as we like to create this space for you, so announce if you have something you want us to know. We are all ears. (Did you know you can rate and comment on all of our recipes, too?)
We manually select all products from Mr. Food Maker thinks of you — and has all been tested, researched, or approved by the editor. Our goal? To make it easier for you to get the best of whatever you need (whether that’s a very powerful blender or healthy food delivery service) and we present you with the products you should have that we look forward to the most.
Our New York City-based editorial team and recipe developers evaluate the quality, durability, quality, and taste (if applicable!) Of every product we recommend. And if we do not have the answers, we turn to those who have them: professional chefs, nutritionists, organizational experts, he says.

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Listen: We know how you can have fun here — and we want you to have a good time too. That’s why all our recipes go through a solid testing period, to make them as accurate as possible: They are tested, re-tested, and re-tested until they are complete and ready to make. Same with everything we put in our cookbooks.
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